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Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging

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Why Choose My Wall Hangings?

All of my Macrame Wall Hangings are made by hand. I take the time and effort to go through each cord to make sure it is perfect before delivery. It's the reason thousands choose Urban Macrame to transform their working / living environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macrame?

Macrame is the form of textile produced using a series of knots. Macrame can be in the form of a Wall Hanging, Plant Hanger, or just about anything you can think of! As bohemian decor has re-emerged as a popular interior decor style Macrame has steadily regained its former prominence. Macrame has a particular feel and tone to it and a distinct appearance. It has the ability to transform any room into an artistic expression.

How long does it take to make a wall hanging?

Simply put - Days. Every wall hanging is carefully stitched by me to reach its final form. Every art work starts off as a wooden beam and rolls of cords which I measure and carefully knot in my studio. I usually break up the work to span a course of a week as it can get strenuous especially with my kids! This is why we ask for your patience while I make your wall art.

Why are Macrame Wall Hangings expensive?

The main reason any Macrame art is expensive is due to the time it takes to make one and the materials. Cord is expensive and some of my artwork requires numerous rolls of cord. The hours it takes to handmake each piece is the primary reason however as there are very few artists who truly handmake their art work now a days. We are a dying bread!

How Hard is it to Make One?

Just as with any profession or hobby, practice makes perfect. I certainly did not start out as a professional nor do I consider my self to be even after years and years of training. I truly believe Macrame is something anyone can learn with dedication and time. I started out watching Youtube videos and then joining my local YMCA classes. I learned so much from my peers and have them to thank. This is also why I ask anyone to reach out to me if you need a place to start - I am always willing to help guide those truly interested in Macrame!

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